Course Documents and Forms

Garden Grove High School Instrumental Music Department Handbook (PDF)
The 2017-18 Instrumental Music Department Handbook contains general information, including grading policies and procedures, about most Instrumental Music Department courses, functions, and activities.  Parents and students: review this together, but do not feel the need to print unless you want to (we're saving paper by making it available digitally)!

GGHS Instrumental Music Department Handbook Appendix Forms (PDF)
The Handbook Appendix contains the forms below.  Please print these forms as needed and turn in.  Hard copies can be obtained by request if you do not have access to a working printer.

A. Sign-Up Checklist
B. Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement
C. Contact Information and Authorization Form
D. Personal Information & Membership Contribution Form
E. Voluntary Excursion/Field Trip Waiver
F. Travel Consent Form/Authorization to Photograph
G. Student Locker/Cabinet Contract
H. Parent/Adult Volunteer Sign-Up - only for Marching Band Students
I/J. Medical Information Form -
only for Marching Band students
K. Varsity Letter Requirements - Keep this page and track your progress!  Turn in only once completed.

L. Absence Notification/Medical Excuse Form - To be turned in only as needed for missed performances

Playing Exam Rubric (PDF)

Concert Report & Rubric (PDF)

Famous Composer Research Presentation Guidelines (PDF)

Music Theory Packets (PDFs) (Compiled from various sources):

  1. Theory Level 1
  2. Theory Level 2
  3. Theory Level 3
  4. Theory Level 4
  5. Theory Level 5

Vic Firth 40 Snare Drum Rudiments (PDF)

Student Leadership Positions & Requirements

Student Leadership Application (Online Form)